Clean Energy Storage

During the latest years, the interest in finding new and clean ways of producing energy has escalated to new heights. The development in this field are huge and, fortunately, we are making progress to creating a safe and clean environment for the generations to come. But the more we concentrate on creating or discovering altenative Read More

Portable energy sources

We all know that nature is too powerful for us, humans, to be able to control it. And when it strikes, it’s nothing we can do about it, but survive. Whether it’s an earthquake, a tornado, a powerful flood or any other natural disaster, the only think we can do is be prepared and find Read More

The Revolutionary Turbulent Hydro

We all know that water represents 75% from the overall Earth surface area, which is why this is the one element in nature we can use in abundance to generate power. A new and revolutionary technology system, which uses water to generate energy is the Turbulent Hydro, a new type of micro hydropower plant based Read More

How You Can Evolve To A Clean Energy Future

The energy revolution refers not only to the bog companies adopting clean a eco-friendly sources of power or investing hundreds of dollars to install solar panels or wind turbines in your backyard. The energy revolution consists in every little step we make to a sustainable future adopting healthy solutions both for the environment and for Read More

From Booze To Energy!

As everyone know, one the key elements of the Scottish economy is that of producing and selling whisky. Scotland is known world wide for its variety of refined sprits. Who would refuse a nice shot of Scottish whisky? What you probably didn’t know is that they also found a way of taking advantage of their Read More